Google Chrome Command Line Switches List

These are parameters you can pass with Google Chrome via command line

Condition Explanation
--0 Value of the --profiler-timing flag that will disable timing information for chrome://profiler.
--activate-existing-profile-browser If set, Chrome will activate any existing browsers for a specific profile. Used for example by the fast-user switcher in the Windows JumpList.
--allow-autofill-sync-credential Force the password manager to allow sync credentials to be autofilled.
--allow-cross-origin-auth-prompt Allows third-party content included on a page to prompt for a HTTP basic auth username/password pair.
--allow-external-pages Allow access to external pages during layout tests.
--allow-file-access On ChromeOS, file:// access is disabled except for certain whitelisted directories. This switch re-enables file:// for testing.
--allow-file-access-from-files By default, file:// URIs cannot read other file:// URIs. This is an override for developers who need the old behavior for testing.
--allow-http-background-page Allows non-https URL for background_page for hosted apps.
--allow-http-screen-capture Allow non-secure origins to use the screen capture API and the desktopCapture extension API. →

Odds of Finding Habitable Exoplanets aka Alien Worlds

N = R_{\ast} \cdot f_p \cdot n_e \cdot f_{\ell} \cdot f_i \cdot f_c \cdot L
N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which radio-communication might be possible (i.e. which are on our current past light cone);
R* = the average rate of star formation in our galaxy
fp = the fraction of those stars that have planets
ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets
fl = the fraction of planets that could support life that actually develop life at some point
fi = the fraction of planets with life that actually go on to develop intelligent life (civilizations)
fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space
L = the length of time for which such civilizations release detectable signals into space

Beyond all of this, the advances in technology will allow us to search many more planets for life, as can be deduced from this chart. The odds for aliens are looking good...

Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices

NOTE: This listing is only provided as a resource to network administrators and security professionals. It is also meant to remind people that a serious problem exists when people configure a network or a computer system and do not change these passwords. The manufacturers of the listed devices, software or systems are not to blame for this problem, and we are not trying to discredit them or their products. A default login is a means for an end user of a product to complete the initial setup of the device or system. Most manufacturers strongly recommend their end users change these logins and passwords for security reasons.

Manufacturer  Model  OS Version  Login  Password
3Com  -  1.25  root  letmein
3Com  Super Stack 2 Switch  Any  manager  manager
3Com  AccessBuilder® 7000 BRI  Any  -  -
3Com  CoreBuilder 2500  -  -  -
3Com  Switch 3000/3300  -  manager  manager
3Com  Switch 3000/3300  -  admin  admin
3Com  Switch 3000/3300  -  security  security
3com  Cable Managment System SQL Database (DOSCIC DHCP)  Win2000 & MS  DOCSIS_APP

Computer Languages Family Tree

Mobile Device Screen Dimensions and Pixel Ratios

Mobile Device Screen Dimensions and Pixel Ratios
for various tablets, phones, and so forth.

Device x y Pixel Ratio
Amazon Kindel Fire HD 7" 1280 800 1.5
Amazon Kindel Fire HD 8.9" 1920 1200 1.5
Amazon Kindle Fire 1024 600 1
Apple iPad 1/2/Mini 1024 768 1
Apple iPad 3/4 2048 1536 2
Apple iPhone 3GS 320 480 1
Apple iPhone 4 640 960 2
Apple iPhone 5 640 1136 2
Blackberry PlayBook 1024 600 1
Blackberry Z10 768 1280 2
BlackBerry Z30 720 1280 2
Google Nexus 10 2560 1600 2

Why did old PC computers have green monitor screens?

Explanation post of why? follow link of pic

Auto-Update of the Copyright Year - Javascript

Insert this snippet into the HTML where you want the year to be and it will always be current
<script>document.write((new Date()).getFullYear())</script>